3 Conversation Starters to Help Connect with Your Coworkers

3 Conversation Starters to Help Connect with Your Coworkers

Joining a new office is never easy; especially when your coworkers could be different on a day-to-day basis. Get over it! One of the main benefits of coworking is the ability to network in a comfortable, productive and convenient space. If you aren’t one to initiate conversation or appear closed off, you will definitely lose the chance to connect with others.

Many of your new coworkers feel the same way that you do, but like I said, get over it. Here are 3 conversation starters that you can use to open up a dialogue with someone approachable.

Ask for Advice or Feedback

“Hey, would you mind taking a look at this if you’re not too busy? Wondering about (X/Y/Z).”

If someone is open to connect, I’ve found they are happy to give you feedback on your work. Now that could be anything from a design, video effect, written piece or simply an idea – just don’t make it a big commitment on their part. Not only does this function as an excellent ice breaker, it opens the door for an introduction and a conversation about what each of you do for work. Put it in the bank, coworker.

Play Dumb

“Hi sorry, I’m new here. Do you know where (X/Y/Z) is?” Or, “Can you recommend any good lunch spots around here?”

In a shared space, most folks will be ready and willing to help and engage with others. By asking a question that they will clearly have an answer to, that puts them in a position of power and makes them more open to conversation. Try out this great way to get a person talking.

Make Commentary on Something You Observe

“Oh do you work at (X/Y/Z) company? I saw your business card on the table.” Or, “I overheard you leaving that voicemail.” *Insert how you know the company*

The options are really endless with this one. Whether it’s where a person works, where they get their coffee or the technology they use to get their work done, making simple observations is a great way to open a dialogue. Make sure it is something you can speak to otherwise you’ll do more harm than good!

What other conversation starters would you suggest at a coworking space? Comment below or Tweet us @CoWorkTable.

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