4 Tips for Working at Home on a Snow Day

4 Tips for Working at Home on a Snow Day

It’s only February and the greater Boston area just got hit with back-to-back big snow storms. When the state requests for people to stay off the road, working from home becomes a necessity. Follow these tips and you can get a lot accomplished while still enjoying some time outside in the snow.

  1. Plan ahead.

If you know a big storm is coming, think through what tools you need to work and be effective at home. If you take notes in a notebook, make sure to bring that home. Notes or plans that you’re currently working on should be packed to come home, also.

Is there info that you will need that’s on a shared local drive? Make sure to email it to yourself so you can still work on it while you’re out of the office.

  1. Create a “to-do” list.

Having a plan of what you want to accomplish while at home will help you feel successful as you cross items off your to-do list. Feeling a sense of accomplishment will keep you motivated to complete what’s necessary.

  1. Have a designated area to work.

Sometimes people get sidetracked working at home, but having a designated work area will help keep you focused and on task. Make sure you have the necessary supplies and you’re not setting yourself up to be in the way of others who may be home.

  1. Reward yourself for accomplishments.

A snow day may be a chance to work in your PJ’s, but you’ll probably also have fewer than usual workplace distractions. Since you won’t be chatting with your coworkers or spending time in the office kitchen over coffee, reward yourself for your discipline. Take some time to go outside and make snow angels with your kids, watch your favorite show at lunchtime or bake your go-to dessert.

I hope you enjoy your next snow day working from home. I know I enjoyed mine. It felt good to have a balance of getting things accomplished in a more casual and relaxing atmosphere.

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