4 Types of Events To Host at Coworking Space

4 Types of Events To Host at Coworking Space

Did you know coworking spaces aren’t just for coworking any more? Beyond the need for day to day work space and meeting room space, coworking spaces have become a great alternative for events. Events are great because they can help promote community and collaboration.
Check out these 4 types events that are perfect to host in a coworking space.
1. Networking or Professional Organization Meet-Up 
Are you part of a networking club or professional affiliation that hosts regular meetings? Do you get tired of meeting in coffees shops, cramped offices or someone’s living room? If so, than a coworking space can offer a great alternative. Most coworking spaces have large open areas that are perfect for groups to meet, talk, have a snack and be in a new, collaborative environment. High top tables, conference rooms, and even bean bag chairs could make your next meeting even more interesting.

2. Social Event/ Fundraiser
Is your school Parent-Teacher Organization looking for a new spot to hold their annual cookie swap? Does your non-profit need a new cool location to have a fundraising event? A coworking space is a venue where you can highlight your event to a new community. You can advertise internally and externally which will build a buzz around your upcoming event.

3. Craft Show / Art Show 
A coworking space is a great space to host a craft show or a new art exhibit. People have more space to move around and different types of space-offices, open, meeting room-can offer a nice flow for people to check out the latest art work or handmade item.

4. Product Demo
Maybe you have created the next big thing, but you need a place to showcase it. A coworking space would accommodate your needs and be an interesting venue to highlight your creation.

These are just some ideas of events that you could host at a coworking space. If you can imagine it, a coworking space can probably host it. WorkTable has hosted wine tastings, craft fairs, book signings and even a concert/charity event. We’d love to host your next event. To learn more about our space and book a tour click here.


  1. Nice post. Found it informative. Glad to know that co-working spaces are even useful for hosting events. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the idea of having an art show in a coworking space – unique use of space and a fabulous change of pace from the work day.


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