5 Characters You’ll Run Into at Your Coworking Space

5 Characters You’ll Run Into at Your Coworking Space

If you’ve never experienced coworking, don’t be afraid! Though it will likely have more of a start-up vibe, many of the characters you will run into can be found in any office. So without further ado, here are 5 characters you might run into at your coworking space.

The Ideas Guy


Whether he’s working on a new invention or trying to recruit people for a new venture, the ideas guy’s wheels are always spinning.

The Headphones Guy


The headphones guy is a regular at every coworking space. While he’s never been heard from, we assume he’s a hard worker.

The Over-Networker

over networker

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is always someone who tries to network just a bit too much. It’s about balance, folks.

The Creative


Whether through graphic design, illustration or video production, there will always be at least one creative in your coworking space.

The Salesperson


Often on the phone and never shy about celebrating a win, the salesperson brings a lot of energy to the table.

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