5 Ways to Build Your Brand Simply by Attending Coworking Events

5 Ways to Build Your Brand Simply by Attending Coworking Events

If you have made the decision to start working out of a coworking space, chances are the traditional office life was never really your thing. Whether you found office culture stuffy, the standard workday too restrictive, or the overhead cost unnecessary, coworking offers a compelling worklife alternative with a host of benefits.

One such benefit that many coworking spaces are quick to highlight is their event calendar. From demo days to yoga classes, arts and culture expos to guest speakers, coworking spaces often offer a diverse range of events as a means to engage members and the outside community.

Depending on your priorities, you could choose to look at your coworking space’s event calendar as a just one perk of your membership that you can take advantage of at your leisure. But making a point to regularly participate in events at your coworking space can give you many unique and low-cost opportunities to market your company or freelancing business.

More than just a chance to get to know your peers, here are five reasons coworking events can be a serious asset in your marketing strategy:

  1. Networking that isn’t Terrible

As undeniably important as networking is for businesses of all sorts, formal networking events are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are someone who loathes conventional networking, it is very easy to isolate yourself in your home or coffee shop office and simply never engage. Luckily, coworking provides what is arguably the easiest and most authentic way to build your professional network.

While a lot of casual networking takes place during the normal workday in a coworking space, organized events take these opportunities to the next level. Drawing different crowds based on different premises, you’ll have the chance to meet people from your community and coworking space that you may not have otherwise.

Organized around a specific purpose, events break the ice by providing a central topic that you can connect over. The community dynamic of a coworking space makes for a lot less pressure and formality than a traditional networking event.  Sometimes the event is specifically planned to give members a chance to showcase their work and network amongst each other. Other times the event may be purely social – but potlucks and yoga classes can still help you build relationships that could lead to collaborations, mentorship, word-of-mouth marketing momentum, and new clients.

  1. Content Ripe for Posting

Your content marketing could benefit from your engagement in coworking events. After all, social media rewards social behaviors.

Regularly attending events in your coworking space can help you create engaging content for your company blog and social media. Is an awesome guest speaker visiting your space? Try live tweeting the event. Have the chance to attend an educational workshop or class? Write a blog post about your main take-aways. Is your coworking space hosting a low-key craft night? Those photos will look great on your company Instagram.

  1. Distribute Print Collateral

Coworking spaces are an excellent place to circulate some of your brand’s marketing swag. Custom office supplies and goodies like logo stickers can be passed out among your peers or left in strategic places around the coworking office. Events in your coworking space present you with yet another great opportunity to find new homes for your marketing collateral.

If guests may want to take notes at an event, bring along some branded pens and notepads to give to anyone who came unprepared. A happy hour event is a great place to hand out some branded koozies. And if you know that others will be handing out their marketing collateral at this event as well, investing in some canvas totes with your logo may be a smart move.

  1. Offer Your Expert Insight

If one of your goals is to establish your brand as a thought leader in your field, you should seize every opportunity to exchange ideas and feedback with other ambitious people. Attending events hosted by your coworking space gives you the chance to offer your professional insight to your peers, something that can help build your reputation as an authority in your industry or specialization.

Attending a panel discussion? Take the opportunity to ask the panelists a thought-provoking question related to your product. At a demo day or creative brainstorming session? Provide actionable advice as to your field of expertise. Your feedback and experiences reflect your brand, so be ready to share!

  1. Have a Say in Future Programming

Do you have ideas for event programming that you’d like to see in your coworking space? Are you planning an event for your industry or brand?

The best way to exercise influence over the events in your coworking space is by being a regular and enthusiastic participant. Your input and cooperation will be valued by both your peers and community managers, giving you the chance to shape the events calendar for your space. That could lead to more of the events that you get the most out of, and perhaps even speaking opportunities.

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