Beating Millennial Boredom in the Workplace

Beating Millennial Boredom in the Workplace

You know it all too well; the younger generation of workers in your office seem to start the day off strong but may end the day looking a little lack-luster. Is it because Millennials are lazy or don’t want to put effort into their jobs? You may think so, but the truth is, Millennials are getting bored at their office jobs.

Millennials grew up in a time where there is constant stimulation in everything that they do. Many are hands on learners who like to watch how something gets done and then do it right then and there. They also like to have flexibility in choosing when things get done, that’s not to say they don’t meet deadlines, they just want to hit that deadline on their own terms.

There are a couple things companies can do to keep the new generation of workers engaged at work. While not every company can make all of these changes, incorporating just a change or two could have a huge impact on culture.

Allow Flexibility

The 40 hour per week work-week is designed to be a 9-5 gig. Growing up, students always have a break in between classes, and then in college, schedules are very flexible. Going from having flexibility to sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight can cause not just Millennials, but anyone to lose focus.

Working 40 hours a week is doable, just allow your employees to have a bit of flexibility. Let them work from home, a coworking space, or even create their own hours- as long as they are hitting their 40 hours per week.

Hold More Team Meetings

Millennials thrive in collaborative environments. Setting them up at a desk with little to no teamwork will cause boredom. Working as a team is crucial to the workday. Have more team meetings so that there is movability to connect and collaborate throughout the workday.

Let Them Take the Lead On Projects

If your employee is passionate about a project, let them run with it. Holding them back and only allowing the older employees to manage a project will not only cause boredom, but it will impact their view of their job negatively. By allowing them to take the lead on a passion project, they will be able to enjoy their work day and grow as a professional at the same time.

Listen to All Ideas

Many Millennials feel that they are not respected in the workplace due to the hierarchy of employees. Listening to what everyone has to say is a great way to create a work environment people want to work in. If you’re a busy manager you can do it the old fashioned way and create an idea box where your employees can speak their mind about upcoming projects of initiatives.

By integrating some of these into your company, you can ensure that Millennials feel excited and passionate about their job rather than bored. How do you keep Millennial employees engaged at work?

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