How to Choose the Right Workstation at Your Coworking Space

How to Choose the Right Workstation at Your Coworking Space

So you just signed up for a membership at your local coworking space. You weirdly have the same nerves as joining a new office. Don’t worry! We’ve all been in the same boat.

One of the first major decisions you’ll have to make when going into your first day at a coworking space is choosing where to sit. As insignificant as it sounds, your choice will determine how the rest of your work day will go. So don’t take it lightly!

Here are some commonly found workstations that you’ll run into.

Open Common Space

Well-lit, heavy foot traffic and a hustle and bustle feeling is what you’ll get if you decide to sit in the open common space. Much like a traditional, modern office, this seating choice is for those who are willing to network with others, be on the phone in front of people and are not easily distracted.

Cozy Coves

There’s an unwritten rule of coworkers not to bother those in cozy coves. You might find a couch, beanbag or lounge chair to sit in. “Cozy covers” generally are head-down, headphones-in and super focused on getting their work done with minimal distractions. If avoiding human interaction makes you more productive, a cozy cove might be the right choice for you.

Private Office

Though more expensive than the previous two, many coworking spaces offer the option to rent a private office (with a door)! For the cozy covers with budget room, the private office is an excellent option – especially if you have 1-on-1, or smaller meetings regularly. Despite having your own office, you can still go out into the common areas to network and make connections with your fellow coworkers, and enjoy all the amenities that your space has to offer.

One of the reasons that coworking has been so successful is its flexibility. The same goes for your seating options – no two days have to be the same! Take a tour of the space before you commit to a membership and make sure they have the right workstation for you.

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  1. Nice informative post. Workstations are explained very well. Being a member of co-working space, I always like to choose cozy coves to get my work done easily and quickly. Thanks for sharing.


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