Coffee, Craft Brews and Coworking

Coffee, Craft Brews and Coworking

Coworking is on the rise and is becoming more mainstream and known with each passing month. Specialty facilities that offer maker space for specific industries are providing incubator space for growing technology companies.  It’s important to take advantage of being around all of these other like-minded professionals by connecting on a personal and professional basis.

Coworking spaces are focused on providing an atmosphere that fosters innovation but also connection and possibly collaboration.  And they add value through events and programs that people might not be exposed to if they were working from a local coffee shop or bookstore.

Free coffee in the kitchen is a mainstay in coworking. But use that opportunity as you pour your third cup of French Vanilla to connect with the folks around you.  Don’t be so deep into your music that you miss the opportunity to bond over your love of fine quality roasts.

Not every event that is being offered at your coworking space will resonate with all of your members, but it’s good to get outside of your comfort zone to learn something new or get to know others around you.

A craft brew tasting event or Friday afternoon at beer o’clock can provide a more relaxed atmosphere for people to connect and let their hair down after a long week.  Take advantage of these opportunities and get to know those around you.

What’s your favorite event at your coworking space? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @coworktable.

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  1. Co-working is really a great option for freelancer to work rather than from or coffee shop. Being a freelancer, I love being a member of co-working office space. I love the collaborative atmosphere. Thanks for sharing!


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