Community, Camaraderie and Connections in Coworking

Community, Camaraderie and Connections in Coworking

Some people think of their work space as just that-a space to work. In the coworking world, the space where you work can open up doors you never expected.

When I was first introduced to coworking space, I didn’t have any idea what to expect.  I thought it might be like working at a coffee shop or sandwich place. People plugged in, focused on their own world, doing their own thing, headphones on and lots and lots of coffee.  Boy was I wrong.

Coworking gives you the autonomy to work independently, but provides an environment of people looking for more than a raised desk, or couches to sit on.

Not everyone is an extrovert and can immediately start conversations with those around them. But in a coworking space it’s natural to have a conversation with those around you.  You may start with an introduction and what you do.  You could move onto weekend plans and family information. Before you know it you’re sharing stories about your crazy relatives.

These relationships develop over time and you find that you gravitate to like-minded individuals to chat and connect with. You won’t click with every person you meet, but there will be those that you truly want to talk to more often and in more detail.

Coworking provides a community and that was a surprise to me.  A pleasant surprise. Like co-workers in a traditional setting, you’re closer to some and look forward to connecting more often with others.  And these connections can lead to business.

Numerous stories about people working right next to each other that end up collaborating and both of their companies benefit.  You know someone who can provide insight or services to what a fellow coworking connection can use.

These are some of the extra benefits of coworking. Share your story of coworking connections here with us.

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