How Coworking Inspires Productivity

How Coworking Inspires Productivity

We’ve all heard the marketing speak about the benefits of using a coworking space. The modern environments, the great amenities, an easy commute, networking and learning opportunities come to the top of mind. However, my number one reason for coworking is that it inspires productivity.

How, you ask? Read on.

You Have a Vested Interest

Outside of your first day (at some spaces), you will be paying for your time at a coworking venue. I know that I don’t like wasting money. As such, I’m driven to be as productive as possible when my own guap is on the line. I think you’ll find that you will too.

Fellow Members

When working from home it can be easy to lose focus or inspiration. Distractions abound, you’re generally alone and the environment isn’t conducive to being at the top of your game. In a coworking space you are surrounded by fellow members striving to get their work done and hit their goals. Simply being around super-motivated people will make you work harder, better, faster, stronger. And who knows…you might make a valuable connection along the way.

Flexible Hours

Everyone has their own situations going on outside of work that require attention. Many coworking spaces offer extended hours so that you can come and go when you are able. In today’s working world, traditional business hours have all but gone out the window. Taking advantage of coworking’s flexible hours will let you get your projects done without the stigma of coming in or leaving late.

You’ll Get More Sleep

Chances are, if you’re utilizing a coworking space, it’s to avoid a long commute. Rather than getting up at the crack of dawn to drive an unreasonable amount of time, a local coworking space allows you to get the rest you need to be at max productivity. Everyone knows the negative effect of getting too little sleep, so check out what options are available in your area.

Have you taken advantage of the benefits of coworking? How has it made you more productive? Comment below or Tweet us @CoWorkTable.




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  1. Nice post. Agreed. Being a freelancer I preferred to work at co-working rather than at home as there was a lot distractions. The Coworking concept supports the five core values of collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, innovation, and user experience. Thanks for sharing!


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