Using Coworking Space to Aid in Your Job Search

Using Coworking Space to Aid in Your Job Search

When you think of coworking you probably think you need to have an existing job that lets you work remotely. This will be the case for some, but coworking spaces are open to everyone who is striving to work hard and be successful. One of coworking’s main advantages is that it’s is welcoming to people from all backgrounds, levels of experience, and professions. As long as you have a good attitude, work hard and are respectful, you’ll fit right in!

But what if you’re unemployed or looking for a new job? Why would you consider going to a coworking space?

Here are a few ways that shared workplaces can aid you in your job search.

Networking Opportunities

Between your fellow members of all different disciplines and events hosted by your space, the opportunity to make valuable connections will be huge. Everyone knows the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Coworking spaces will set the stage for you to build inroads with professionals who can help you in your career. Not only can you make powerful connections, you’ll be exposed to new industries and ways of thinking as well.

Eliminating Distractions

Make no mistake; applying for jobs is a full-time job. If you are working at home it’s easy to become distracted by the TV, your dog or miscellaneous life tasks. Separating your work and home life by going to a coworking space will allow you to maximize your productivity in applying to jobs. You’ll probably even sound more professional on the phone!

Access to Resources & Amenities

Who has a printer anymore? I know I sure don’t.

Coworking spaces give you access to everything you could expect from a regular office, and more. Some even have fitness centers for their members to use, not to mention all the beverages and snacks you want. Between printing copies of your resume, scanning work samples and the benefits of working alongside other people, you’ll have everything you need at your disposal.

If you’re currently looking for work, consider visiting your local coworking space for a tour.

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