How to Know if Coworking is NOT for You

How to Know if Coworking is NOT for You

In recent years, the coworking industry has exploded. Shared workspaces offer a wide variety of benefits and are often preferred to working from home. However, like anything that has ever existed, coworking is not for everyone.

Here’s how you can know if coworking is NOT for you:

You Can’t Afford It

Many of the folks who decide to join coworking spaces have the costs covered by employers, are successful entrepreneurs, or are freelancers who have built the cost into their services. While there are various pricing options, coworking memberships are not necessarily “cheap”. Before signing up for a membership, make sure that you have the assets necessary to cover it. Working to lose money is a pointless endeavor.

Your Work Requires Privacy

If your job requires you to have confidential or highly-sensitive conversations, most coworking spaces are probably not for you. Some spaces do offer private offices, but those are much more expensive memberships to retain.

The Culture Doesn’t Appeal to You

Coworking companies tend to foster a start-up vibe, with open workspaces, a relaxed work environment and regular collaboration between people of varying backgrounds. If you are more traditional, or not much of a networker, perhaps another option would be a better fit.

You’re Too Big

If your company has grown and added multiple employees in recent times, it might be time to rent your own space. One of the major benefits of coworking is that individuals or small groups can be flexible and take full advantage of the space’s offerings. Once you reach a certain number of employees you’ll put a strain on the diversity of that space’s membership, limiting networking opportunities for others.

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