Why Millennials Should Work in Coworking Spaces

Why Millennials Should Work in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are everywhere- big cities, small towns, tropical islands… everywhere. Although coworking spaces are great work environments for start-ups to thrive, it’s also a great environment for other professionals. It’s not only convenient for people seeking to skip their commute or run a company out of a coworking space, but these spaces are beneficial for Millennials.

Why are coworking spaces great for Millennials? Because coworking spaces provide you with a world of opportunity, something Millennials really need at the start of their career.

Many Millennials in the workforce are just at the start of their career, myself included. Although I was lucky enough to work at a coworking space as my first job, I now work in one while focusing on another job, and I love it.

Within a coworking space you can find people from all different backgrounds, who specialize in a range of industries. Putting yourself in a creative and collaborative environment can open an endless amount of doors for your career.

Although coworking spaces can be costly, there are other ways to join. Many spaces have free coworking days or events that are open the community which everyone should take advantage of.

If you’re on the North Shore or in Metro West, come and check out one of our WorkTable locations. Your first day with us is always free!

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  1. Millennials are rapidly changing the entire way Americans work… Remote or close to home, for startups instead of blue chips and, of course, coworking. Millennials love the environment, the mix of people they work with, the regular learning opportunities and mentor possibilities that are simple not available in the traditional office environment.


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