Be Prepared – You Never Know Where You Will Make a Connection

Be Prepared – You Never Know Where You Will Make a Connection

We’ve all heard the Boy Scouts’ motto, “Always be prepared”. You may think that this means to be ready for anything, and it does; but it can have other meanings too. This motto hit home for me recently when I was at the gym.  

I go to a Zumba class where over 100 people show up for this particular teacher 3 times a week.  When I was in line waiting for class I started chatting with someone who I recognized and that I had seen out to dinner the week before. As we were chatting we realized that we both worked in the same industry – staffing and recruitment.  While we were talking about hiring, job boards and open jobs, another woman next to us said, “I’m looking for a job. I’m an assembler and worked for a Fortune 50 defense contractor.”

In this age of always being connected, I gave her my phone and she typed in her email address so that we could connect later in the evening. That night she sent me her resume and we talked about a few specific jobs that matched her background and experience. Three interviews and two weeks later, she was offered and accepted a new position at a large electronics company.

You never know where opportunity will find you. In line at the gym, on the soccer field, in your coworking space, or at a Super Bowl party (Go Pats)! It pays to keep your ears open; you never know when you’ll meet someone that can be a connection for you.

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