Be Promiscuous: Finding a Coworking Space that Works for You

Be Promiscuous:  Finding a Coworking Space that Works for You

While the advent of coworking has long since passed, the concept is still extremely new to people in general. This is especially the case for those who are starting new ventures, or pursuing remote work after establishing their career in traditional corporate settings. So how can you determine the best coworking space to fit your working style?

Be promiscuous.

The vast majority of coworking establishments are based off monthly or weekly membership plans. Many even offer free trial periods to attract potential new members. Take advantage of these short-term commitments or lack thereof to test out different spaces in your area. And keep the following tips in mind when you do so.

Test out the commute

Chances are if you are seeking a professional workspace, you are trying to avoid working from home or eliminating a long commute. If the commute to this coworking space is causing you more stress than either of those scenarios, it’s time to look into a closer option.

See how their staff interacts with their members

When you enter each coworking space are you greeted with a smile? Are you given a comprehensive tour and description of the space? Do they remember your name after a visit or two? Do they strike up conversation with current memebers?

Observe current members’ working styles

Depending on your day-to-day, not every environment will be suited to you. Take note of how current members are going about their business. Do they look happy? Is it noisy? Can you foresee yourself being productive here?

Examine the space and its amenities

If the managers have done their job right, you’ll get to know the space and its amenities very well upon your first visit. Make sure that it has everything that you may need during the day. Is there coffee, water, snacks or refreshments? Does the space offer private areas for meetings or conference calls? Will you have printing capabilities? Is there enough daylight?

Take a look at their event calendar

Almost all coworking spaces offer networking events – from seminars, to shows or even happy hours, take a hard look to see if anything piques your interest. Can you gain value or knowledge from these events? Will you be able to grow your business or make important connections from those who would be interested in them?

We’re happy you’ve decided to pursue coworking as a solution to your current working situation. Follow these tips and let us know where you land!


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