Resources for Furnishing Your Coworking Space on Any Budget

Resources for Furnishing Your Coworking Space on Any Budget

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a new venture in opening a coworking space, or finally realized that your space needed a refurbishing. But where to begin?

The options are nearly endless and often a major budget concern. The furniture, layout and vibe of your space can make-or-break bringing in and retaining new members, so do not underestimate this project or try to make unnecessary cuts.

Here are some great resources that coworking proprietors of all budgets can use to furnish their space.


From their beginning, Turnstone has embraced the “startup culture” and believes that space and culture have the power to boost creativity, increase productivity and strengthen relationships. We agree!

From innovative office furniture to planning design, Turnstone is a great resource for those who have the assets. Check them out here.

Creative Office Pavilion

Since 1986, our friends at Creative Office Pavilion have created spaces for clients in a broad cross-section of industries and functional areas. Though more traditionally corporate than Turnstone, they offer a full suite of services.


If you are more of a DIY entrepreneur, Ikea is an awesome option to personalize your coworking space. You will definitely have to put in a lot of work (or recruit help), but if you’re looking for new furniture for a good price, they are definitely a solid option. Find your local store.

Swivelfly Furniture

Swivelfly offers Furniture as a service (FaaS?) – which we think is a pretty neat concept. They offer multiple subscription models that allow you to add as you grow. Not only does this allow you to stay on-trend with the latest décor, but it gives you extra flexibility. Check them out!

 Craigslist or Garage Sales

For the biggest bang-for-your-buck and for those on particularly tight budgets, consider turning to Craigslist or finding local garage/estate sales. You can find surprisingly well-fitting items for dirt cheap if you look hard enough!

What other recommendations would you have for furnishing a coworking space? Comment below or Tweet us @CoWorkTable.

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