How to Sell Your Boss on Coworking

How to Sell Your Boss on Coworking

Have you considered joining a coworking space, but are concerned your boss won’t let you expense the cost?

There are many reasons that people make the move to coworking, and everyone’s circumstances are unique to them. Here are some examples of why you may decide to join a shared workspace, and how to spin that to your manager to cover the cost of membership.

Save Money on Commuting Expenses

If you have an unusually long or stressful commute to work, chances are you’ve considered the possibility of working remotely or joining a coworking space. Hopefully you also have an open enough relationship where you can discuss your commuting woes with your supervisor, and he or she has built in allowances for your travel expenses.

Research a space where you could see yourself working and being productive, and determine if applying those travel expenses to a coworking membership would even out or reduce costs for your department. Chances are they will!

Sell Them on Improved Productivity

One of the biggest fears that managers have with remote work is that productivity will suffer. The same goes for allowing their employees to join coworking spaces.

Request a trial week at your local space and measure its impact on your work. If you can make a tangible impact on improving productivity by coworking, they will be much more likely to sign off on it.

Pitch Them on the Ability to Grow the Brand

Whether you are a salesperson or not, most coworking spaces offer tremendous networking opportunities. By working in a new location you’ll be able to grow your company’s footprint, build brand awareness and maybe even land a new customer (or employee)! Get a feel for the kind of space whose membership will be most beneficial for both you and your employer, and relay that information to your manager.

Have you had to sell your boss on allowing you to join a coworking space? How did you go about it? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us @CoWorkTable.

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