Table Manners: Behaviors to Avoid When Coworking

Table Manners: Behaviors to Avoid When Coworking

 Office etiquette can be a funny thing. Anyone who has worked in an office knows there are unwritten, unspoken rules that are generally followed. These rules have naturally developed to keep everything running smoothly and coworkers getting along with one another.

Though coworking is definitely not your traditional working environment, and often vary from space to space, some of the same rules still apply. With that being said, here are some behaviors to avoid in your coworking space of choice.

Playing Audio Loudly from Your Computer or Phone

If you’re one who likes to listen to music or podcasts during the day (like me), please be considerate to your fellow members. Bring a pair of headphones or go listen on low volume in a secluded area. For many people, having to listen to unwanted audio is a nuisance they would rather avoid.

Having Personal Phone Calls (or calls on speaker phone) In Common Areas

In any coworking space there are common areas that are generally great to network and work with other folks. One faux paus that some people make is to talk loudly on the phone or put your phone on speaker in these areas. Just as music can be distracting, so can having to listen to your fellow member having a personal or noisy phone call. Go to a designated area or private room for conference calls, and take a walk if you have a personal call to make.


One of the best and most beneficial aspects of coworking is its sense of community and your ability to meet new people. While this is great and all, you don’t want to be that person who seems to only socialize or network. Be open to connecting and progressive to take advantage of opportunities, but avoid over-doing it. The easiest way to gain your “coworkers” respect is to show them that you work as hard as they do.

Have you run into any of these or other issues at your coworking space? Comment below or tweet us @CoWorkTable.

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