Table Manners

It’s less about rules and more about being respectful and professional. Here is a list of words we live by and what we like to call, “Table Manners”:


Be an Active Member – Don’t be afraid to explore the space and try out new areas around the room or sit along the benches and get comfy! We welcome suggestions and tips on how we can make improvements and make WorkTable a productive, suitable environment for all. We encourage you introduce yourself to other members, collaborate and network, all in the name of co-working!


What’s for Lunch? – Feel free to bring your own food, drinks, snacks, etc. And, there are plenty of great local food establishments right around the corner. Of course, try to take into account that strong smells may be distracting. And, please remember to clean up your workspace after eating.


Visitors Welcome – We encourage a flexible, open and collaborative workspace for our members. Feel free to invite a guest for a coffee, quick meeting or call but if your guest is visiting for longer than 1 hour, they are expected to purchase a day pass. All guests are required to sign in and follow all WorkTable house rules.


Be a good Neighbor –  Please be respectful of our WorkTable community members and their time and privacy. If someone has headphones on, don’t bother them. Although we encourage collaboration we also encourage productivity and respect!


Phone Manners – Please be aware of noise levels when talking with others or when on the phone. If you need to take a private call please use the phone booth or take the call in an outdoor space. Please sign up for a phone booth time and be aware and respectful of others waiting for their turn.


Kids and Pets – WorkTable is committed to providing a productive, safe and creative working environment for our members. If your children need to visit, please be respectful of noise and time, ensuring the continued productivity of other members. And, although we love our pets, they are not permitted on the premises.


Keep it Clean – Please do your best to keep our common spaces clean, inviting and ready for the next member! This includes all shared spaces. If you notice we are out of supplies or amenities let us know!


Confidentiality – WorkTable is an open environment shared by different people, organizations and businesses so please keep in mind that anything said should be expected to be heard. Therefore, it is solely your responsibility to ensure the confidentially of your business or personal information and to respect the confidentiality of others. WorkTable bears no responsibility in this matter.


Parking- There is ample parking available at WorkTable Marlborough. You could drive a tour bus here and still have available parking for others.


Safety and Liability – Your safety is our priority while at WorkTable. Please be aware of your own surroundings and the surrounding of others. All WorkTable members and guests are responsible for their own belongings and actions. We are not responsible for equipment or service damages, personal injury, or business loss. Please report any concerns regarding liability or safety to a staff member immediately.

Have fun, work hard, collaborate, network, and be productive!